November 28, 2018

The Significance of the Dental Assistant Program in Phoenix

group of dental assistantsNo doubt you’ve heard the expression, “I’m just a cog in the wheel.” Well, if you’re a dental assistant then you are anything but “just a cog.” In fact, the wheel that is a dentist’s office wouldn’t turn without dental assistants. Each one has a very important role to play and is a valuable member of the dental team. Read on to learn how the dental assistant program in Phoenix can prepare you to make a real difference at work and in your patients’ lives.

Outstanding Patient Care

Many patients credit their dental assistant with making an appointment pleasant. Some arrive nervous about treatment. And who is the one that calms their nerves and makes sure everything runs smoothly? A dental assistant, of course! These healthcare professionals are dedicated to outstanding patient care, and are often the reason someone may decide to return to a practice.

Extra Eyes and Hands

Dental assistants must often anticipate the dentist’s needs before they are expressed. Call it intuition or mind reading, this skill can be the key to making sure a treatment goes off without a hitch. Plenty of dentists admit that they couldn’t do what they do without a skilled dental assistant by their side.

Multitasking on the Go

A dental assistant must be comfortable with multitasking. A typical day might include managing the schedule, stocking the supply room, prepping the exam room, sterilizing dental instruments, and greeting patients when they arrive in the office. And you make everything look easy! You’re definitely not just a dental assistant.

Passionate Dedication to Your Work

Really successful dental assistants have a passion for their work and are always looking for ways to learn more and grow. Educational opportunities abound and include:

  • Learning with a mentor
  • Attending a lunch-and-learn session in the office
  • Enrolling in online or in-person continuing education courses

The most dedicated dental assistants earn DANB certification.

There is just something about helping people enjoy the benefits of oral health and a beautiful smile that is very rewarding. For this reason, many dental assistants are happy to go above and beyond in order to demonstrate passion for their work.

If you’d like to become a passionate dental assistant, contact our program today.


Tell Us How You are a Very Special Dental Assistant

We’d love to hear stories about how you are a special dental assistant. The hands-on dental assisting school in Phoenix trains dental assistants to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in their patients’ lives. Contact us here.

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