November 18, 2018

Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Gives You Super Powers!

female super heroHave you secretly always wanted to be a real life superhero? Well, now’s your chance. Enroll in dental assistant training in Phoenix and you could make your dream come true. In a dentist’s office, dental assistants must have super powers in order to get the job done. These hard workers are often pulled in different directions, needing to help their teammates and satisfy patients. Read on to learn about the super powers most dental assistants possess.

Be the Calm

Plenty of patients don’t enjoy coming to the dentist, and there are even some who are downright frightened to step through the door. Oftentimes, the dental assistant is the one in the office that must be the calming influence. Many just have a knack for reducing patient stress, while others learn as they go. In any case, the ability to calm nerves is definitely an important super power.

Wear Different Hats

Being an assistant in any line of work means you’ll need to know how to perform a few different tasks well. A dental assistant, however, must be a multitasker. First of all, you’re on your feet most of the day. That’s a task in and of itself!

Second, while you’re doing one task, you often have to be thinking about the next one—in order to stay a step ahead of what the dentist may need.  And all this is often completed without time for a break.

Be a Mind Reader

Speaking of staying one step ahead—dental assistants are practically mind readers. Patients sometimes comment how an assistant seems to hand the dentist exactly what they need without them even asking for it. This power is frequently the key to an appointment that runs smoothly and keeps the patient relaxed and at ease.

Transfer the Knowledge

At the dental assisting course in Phoenix, you will learn a lot about dentistry and oral health. That education continues once you begin working.  Dental assistants take great pride in being able to share what they know with their patients as well as with family and friends, so that more people are aware of the importance of oral health.

Smile Transformation

Of course, dentistry is not only about oral health. There is also the aesthetic component. Helping with cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics gives dental assistants the chance to improve patients’ quality of life. They are happier and have more confidence. If you can give that to someone, then you truly have a super power!

If you’re ready to become someone’s superhero, then contact the dental assistant training program in Phoenix.


Tell Us How You’re a Super Hero!

 Our hands-on dental assistant program in Phoenix trains you to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in your patients’ lives. Then you can tell us about how you are a superhero at the office. Contact us here.

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