October 6, 2018

Tell the Dental Assisting School in Tempe About Your First Day

dental assistant at workYou made it through the dental assisting school in Tempe! You have your certificate! You’re ready to go to work! And now it’s your first day on the job and what a day it is! Seems like Murphy’s Law—what can go wrong will go wrong—was made just for you. Not to worry. You’re in good company. Lots of dental assistants who are just starting out have great stories to tell. Here are a few.

Watch Your Step

Did you hear the one about the dental assistant whose foot became tangled in the cords of a portable unit? And that was only during her first day of clinical. The unit crashed over and everything on it landed on the floor. Her face turned beet red, but the doctor and everyone else just laughed. In fact, the dentist offered her a job after graduation and she has been there for more than 32 years!

Initiation by Fire

Work should be fun. Maybe that’s why dental assistants sometimes play tricks on one another. One told us that her colleagues said she needed to yell, “Fire in the hole!” every time she took an X-ray. This went on for two months before they finally told her it was a joke.

Going Down

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then something might make you a little queasy. Tami was observing a dentist give an injection to a child. Suddenly, her stomach lurched, the room started spinning, her palms became sweaty and her heart raced. As the child sat up, cried and threw up, she backed up to the wall and fainted.

Learn As You Go

Don’t think your first will be a snap. We know of one dental assistant who was on externship for school and had just finished her tour of the office. The dentist stepped into the hall and told her to put on a lab coat and “get in here!” She announced that she had never worked on a real person before. His response? “Well, now you will!”

Please Be Seated

Sitting in the dental assistant’s chair can be a bit of a balancing act. Misty was having some trouble with the chair and ended up falling on top of her patient. She was a hit—literally.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If you’d like to become a dental assistant, contact our office today.


Tell Us About Your First Day

We’d love to know what happened to you on your first day of work as a dental assistant. A-Z Dental Assistant Program in Tempe trains dental assistants to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in their patients’ lives. Contact us here.

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