August 14, 2018

Thank You from the Dental Assisting School in Chandler

dental assistant and patientIt’s always appropriate to say please and thank you. But sometimes you want to say thank you in a special way to someone who has been extra kind or helpful—like a dental assistant. Here are some great ideas that we’ve heard about at the dental assisting school in Chandler.

Put It In Writing

In this day and age of email and texting, written thank you notes are becoming more and more rare. But that doesn’t mean they are less appreciated. Everyone loves receiving handwritten notes, and dental assistants are no exception. If your dental assistant has done something special for you, then send a note. And for real impact, send a note to the dentist naming the dental assistant who helped you.

Put a Bow On It

Who doesn’t like getting a gift? Whether it’s because your dental assistant has gone above and beyond the call of duty or you just want to do something nice, there’s no reason not to give a gift.

Maybe you had a conversation with your dental assistant and she mentioned a particular book she wanted to read or a restaurant she was eager to try. Be a summer Santa and show up with the book or gift certificate.

Feed Me!

Dental assistants work hard and they tend to be on their feet most of the day. That means they get hungry. Don’t hesitate to show up for an appointment with some homemade baked goods, cheese and crackers, cookies or other treats.

Give a Pat on the Back

Everyone likes encouragement and dental assistants are no exception. If your dental assistant has done a great job, speak up and say so. Dental assistants agree that words of praise and encouragement from patients and the dentist go a long way toward making their job more rewarding and enjoyable.

Refer Another Patient

If you know someone who is looking for a new dentist, then be sure to mention the name of your favorite dental assistant, too. Referrals are meaningful when it comes to dentists and the rest of the staff.

Do you know a dental assistant who is worth their weight in gold? Then let him or her know. And we’d love to hear how you expressed your gratitude at the dental assisting program in Chandler.



At A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office, we train skilled dental staff members who are the backbone of a thriving dentistry practice. If you’re interested in learning more about the exciting field of dental assisting or dentistry office management, contact our team. We offer a wide range of dental assistant and front office training programs to help you jump start a successful career in dentistry.

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