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April 9, 2018

Dental Assisting Program in Phoenix Knows You Bring Work Home

girl laughingLeave work at the office when you come home—or so the saying goes. But let’s face it, lots of people bring work home with them. However, dental assistants don’t have the kind of work that you typically think of when you think work at home. They do bring home work habits and the results can often be quite amusing. Read on to learn some of these humorous tales from graduates of the dental assisting program in Phoenix.


March 4, 2018

The Dental Assisting Program in Phoenix Recognizes You during DARW!

group of dental assistantsIt’s nice to have a special day, but even better to have a whole week! March 4-10, 2018 is Dental Assisting Recognition Week (DARW). This year’s theme is “Advancing the profession through collaboration and leadership.” The dental assisting program in Phoenix salutes dental assistants across the country for the work you do every day to help your patients have healthy and beautiful smiles!


February 12, 2018

Phoenix Dental Assisting Program Knows What Makes a Dental Team the Best

Smiling dental assistantLet’s face it—during a normal workweek, you probably spend more waking hours with your co-workers than you do your family. So, working with a great team can make your job so much more enjoyable and rewarding. But how can you tell if your team is the best? Here are six signs that should tell you that you’ve found your work besties!


January 29, 2018

Get a Job You Love After Dental Assistant Training in Gilbert

Get a Job You Love After Dental Assistant Training in GilbertAsk any of the many men and women who have graduated from dental assistant training in Gilbert if they love what they do and the answer will be a resounding, “Yes!” But what is it about the work that is rewarding and fuels their passion to go above and beyond what is required in their position? Read on to find out some of the reasons.


December 12, 2017

To Better Your Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix, Find a Mentor

dental assistant training in PhoenixYou’ve done well in your studies and you’ve gotten great practical experience during your dental assistant training in Phoenix. What else can you do to enhance your career? You can find a dental assisting mentor.


November 20, 2017

Graduates of the Dental Assistant School in Phoenix Offer Advice

cheerful girl with multi-color backgroundIf you want to be the most successful dental assistant you can be then you need to plan your career. You need to constantly work on improving your clinical skills, network with other professionals in the industry and be strategic in planning your rewarding career. Read on to learn what graduates of the dental assistant school in Phoenix would advise beginners.


October 26, 2017

Learn Organization at Dental Assisting Course in Gilbert

Smiling dental assistant in the officeIf every dental assistant from the the dental assisting course in Gilbert wore one of those wireless activity trackers like a Fitbit, the mileage would be off the chart! Dental assistants aren’t just on their feet all day, they also walk miles and perform a variety of tasks. From helping the dentist chairside to managing appointments, from reassuring a frightened patient to ensuring infection control, there are numerous tasks for dental assistants to manage during the day. Because of these demands, dental assistants know that they must be prepared and organized. Read on to find out why dental assistants need organizational skills.


September 26, 2017

First Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Embarrassed woman with hands covering faceOh, the first day of a new job! You wake up early, put on your clean and pressed scrubs, have a good breakfast and head out the door before rush hour. You arrive at the dentist’s office happy and ready to work. And then… the day begins. Things go from bad to worse, funny to hilarious and embarrassing to humiliating. Think your first day on the job was rough? Read on to find out what other dental assistants experienced. Trust us… you won’t feel so bad.


August 18, 2017

Hidden Talents of Dental Assistants

Smiling dental assistant paintingWhen you’re lying back in the dentist’s chair, carrying on a conversation with the dental assistant isn’t exactly easy. Chances are your mouth is wide open and someone has their fingers inside. How are you supposed to get to know this person that you see a couple times a year? Well, here’s a sampling of some of the hidden talents and fun hobbies that dental assistants participate in when they’re not at work.


July 14, 2017

Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Knows What You’re Worried About

Learn from your mistakes with dental assistant training in Phoenix. Let’s face it—there are some embarrassing moments at work that you may think only happen to you, but in truth happen to everyone. On the other hand, there are events that occur in a dentist’s office that are really rather, well, unique to the life of a dental assistant. Read on to learn about a few of the more embarrassing first day occurrences that we’ve heard of at the dental assistant training in Phoenix, A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office.


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