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April 14, 2019

Heartwarming Stories from the Best Dental Assistant School in Phoenix

Woman smiling outsideDental assistants love their jobs and the many wonderful memories that come with them. Many have heartwarming stories that they’ve experienced over their dental assisting career, with some even life-changing. Whether it’s helping patients or bettering themselves, dental assistants have careers worth celebrating. Keep reading to learn some of the most positive and cheerful stories from assistants that attended dental assistant school in Phoenix.


April 10, 2019

How Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Can Give You the Best Career

Woman smilingMost dental assistants truly believe that they have the best job for the many things they have to look forward to each day. Whether you’re currently an assistant looking for more education or you’re considering dental assisting as a career, dental assistant training in Phoenix can help you get there! Keep reading to learn the many reasons why being a dental assistant is one of the best careers!


March 15, 2019

5 Things That Your Dental Assistant Program in Phoenix Wants to Change

Dental assistant smilingMany dental assistants love their bosses (the dentists who they work for). However, some dental assistants would like to see their employers improve upon a few things to make their lives easier but to also better their practice. Keep reading to learn about 5 improvements that your dental assistant program in Phoenix wants to make to the average dental practice and their dentists.


March 10, 2019

The Value of Dental Assistant Training in Mesa

Dental assistants smilingDental assistants bring a lot of value to dental practices, but until now, it was never calculated. However, in a recent survey of nearly 3,000 dentists and hygienists, you can get a much clearer picture of the kind of advantages that having quality dental assistants can bring your practice. Keep reading to learn about the value that dental assistants offer and how dental assistant training in Mesa can improve your practice.


February 22, 2019

A Dental Assisting School in Tempe Sees Common Traits Among Candidates

dental assistant working with a dentistWhat are the skills and talents you need to have to excel in a career as a dental assistant? Sure, you need to always do your best and be passionate about your work and your concern for patients. You always need to be willing to go above and beyond for the sake of your patients, the practice and your teammates. Many dental assistants find that beyond their training at dental assisting school in Tempe, they also learn a lot on the job and through continuing dental education. With all of this training and work experience, there are still some things that cannot be taught. Read on to learn about three traits that effective dental assistants possess.


January 28, 2019

Dental Assistant Training in Mesa Leads to a New Job in 2019!

laughing young womanAs one year ends and a New Year launches, thoughts naturally turn to new beginnings and opportunities. For example, after dental assistant training in Mesa and a few years on the job, you may be considering making a switch to another dentist’s office. A move could lead to more money, a new learning opportunity or maybe better work-life balance. How do you know if it’s time to start looking for a new job? Here are a few signs that may be telling you to look for a new dental practice.


January 25, 2019

5 Important Qualities of a Candidate for the Dental Assistant Program in Queen Creek

dental assistant at workAt a dental assistant program in Queen Creek, you’ll learn all the technicalities required to work in a dentist’s office. What you can’t be taught are the qualities you must bring to the job. These qualities will help you to succeed. Specifically, there are five qualities that dentists and dental office managers named in the Value of Dental Assistants to Dental Practice research project that was commissioned by the DALE Foundation, an affiliate of the Dental Assisting National Board.


January 15, 2019

Dental Assistant Training in Mesa Offers Help with the Emotions of Work

happy tearsEveryone wants to be a professional on the job. However, there are times when our hearts swell and we just can’t help but get emotional. Sometimes those moments are joyous, such as when the dental assistant training in Mesa helps us transform a patient’s smile. Of course, there are other situations when the emotion is strong sympathy for a patient going through a difficult procedure. Read this blog to learn how other dental assistants have handled various emotions on the job.


December 21, 2018

Moving to a New Office? Here are Tips from Dental Assistant School in Phoenix

two dental assistants and dentistCongratulations! You’ve accepted a job in a new dental practice. With the application process and job interview in your rearview mirror, you might think the hard part is behind you. That could be true, but this blog from a dental assistant school in Phoenix has information that could make your first few days at the new place easier and more enjoyable.


December 12, 2018

Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Lets Dentists Hear What You Have to Say!

smiling dental asst and out of focus dentistLuckily, many dental assistants work with exceptional dentists. However, there are some that wish the dentist could read their minds so they wouldn’t get so frustrated on the job. Well, dentists aren’t mind readers. After dental assistant training in Phoenix, you’re more than “just an assistant.” You’re an important member of the team! So speak up and courteously tell the dentist how you feel. Here are some ideas.


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